Self Care Rituals for Creatives

books & tea are my perfect company.

Self Love Rituals: I am a big fan of them. It was on my August newsletter that  I said something about in and on this post I gave some advice on how to stay creative on a daily basis; today I must say that for the two previous things to actually work and in order to be creative beings, we need to feel good with ourselves.

If you don’t feel good yourself, your life will not be good, your art will not be good.

Rituals are those little things we do with a stronger intention and meaning than any routine. Part of being okay is based on those practices that give our lives a little more meaning. I’m going through a phase where I need to restore myself, therefore I am looking for new rituals that adapt to who I am now. These are my magical moments that help me feel calm, relaxed and at the same time connected with me.

While I’m still on the search, here are some of the ones I’ve been practicing these days:

The Books and Candles Ritual: Reading relaxes me and takes away for me a little while from the real world. I usually try to get up an hour earlier, drag the chair next to the window, light a candle and read some pages in silence. No rush.

The Magical Tea or Coffee Ritual: preparing a warm infusion is usually what sets the beginning of a moment of tranquility and enjoyment. Black tea in the morning to accompany the reading, a coffee around 3 to sit down to work, write or do journaling and a chamomile tea or herbal tea to bring with me in bed before sleep.

The Recipe Ritual: I must admit it, in the past few months my eating habits have been non-existent. And not because I don’t follow diets, simply because I skip eating completely. Tiredness, lack of time to enjoy food,  too lazy to cook or (insert excuse here). The ritual of the recipe is all about searching for videos, blog posts or cookbooks that contain recipes that I want to cook for the next days. And once I’ve chosen one, the moment of the ritual begins by writing what I need, going shopping and preparing everything until it’s ready on my plate. I swear that thinking of it as a ritual and not as an obligation gives another flavor to the food itself.

The Night Shower Ritual: You can’t guess what is it about, right? haha! To be honest, a hot shower before bed relaxes me to the point of falling in bed completely asleep. It is incredible because it actually feels like washing off all the negative stuff from the day and being ready to rest. I only rinse myself with water or wash with Heilerde (it is like soil, supernatural and you can use for hair and body). A few days ago I bought this Weleda Skin Food cream and I put it on my face after a shower, kindly massaging it for my skin to absorb it. I don’t like to use anything, but I must say that pampering every now and then feels like a hug to the body and soul.

The feeling of leaving everything aside and taking the time to practice these rituals in a deliberate and conscious way has something magical that makes my mind and body relax and perceive everything more clearly. Ready to enjoy the present moment.

Do you have any rituals that make you feel that peace of mind we all need so much? Do you have any unique restoration method you do to take care of yourself?


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