5 tips to be creative when you’re busy

Do something else”

So I’ve asked you guys to leave me some questions on my Instagram about creativity! Mostly to talk about something that happens to all of us: being creative and being busy. So I will give some tips of what I incorporate into my days to maintain my relationship with Miss Creativity:

-INSPIRATIONAL BREAKS: We talked about this last month! Whatever you are doing, take a break of 5 minutes and breathe, relax in bed, read an article or do nothing. In my case, I try to go to parks, leave my phone at home, bake a cake or take a shower. Give ideas some space and permission to flow.

-MY LITTLE FRIEND THE NOTEBOOK: I have a pocket notebook that I take with me everywhere. I doddle, write observations or any idea that comes to mind. It’s always easier to remember something if you write it down, and you never know when a fan-tas-tic idea will fall from the skies right into your mind.

-THE MAGIC CALENDAR: I don’t know about you, but I like to plan for some things in advance and have a magical calendar with all busy days, to deliberately write down when I’m going to work on my projects.

-MOTIVATION PROMPTS: When I’m super tired of the day and can’t find the motivation to start working on my projects, I bring my assistants to the picture: my prompts. There’s a jar in my room that contains a few little papers that have some ideas suggesting what can I do. Some are writing prompts, some are games, some are “passes” that allow me to do something (grab a coffee, have a nap, go outside). Sometimes I grab magazines and start cutting papers to paste in my journal or use some of my Journals with activities: I bought “642 things to write about” and “Usted está Aquí”, and I use them to trigger ideas. Once you start, you will grab the rhythm and when you least realize you are in the high of creative flow.

-CREATIVE DATE: Like the name says, a date with your creativity. Find a free day on your magical calendar and save it for a date. Put on your favorite dress, grab your backpack with your creative kit and just do it. Maybe go to a café, maybe stay home and have some tea; maybe it’s working on an existing project or reading a book. It all helps!

These are some that I try to fit into my schedule and so far so good! Do you have any other tips? That way we can help each other!

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