Personal Projects

I love creating content that offers comfort and a safe place for everyone who wants to explore their creativity. 

Un Quilombo Creativo

Un quilombo creativo (a creative mess) is a podcast about living a life filled with creativity. The show not only discussed topics such as ideas, the creative process and working as a creative, but also things that happen to us as humans: travelling, living abroad, working freelance…The main idea behind the show is inviting the audience to rethink their approach to creativity in everyday life. 

Most of the episodes are in Spanish, however there can be exceptions in English or German, as it depends on the guest!

Status: ongoing

The Online Letters

“The Online letters” is a monthly newsletter in which I share thoughts that’d been going through my mind, talk about the things I’ve been enjoying and what I’m reading at the moment. Each email is treated as a personal letter to make the reader feel like they are having a long chat with a friend.

The letters started in May 2019 and ever since, I keep writing them. They are available both in English & Spanish.

Status: ongoing

The Youtube Channel

I’ve decided to go back to one of my first loves which is video production and editing. Throughout these years, I’ve started this space as a chance to connect with a bigger community, talk about art materials and share my experiences and processes working as an artist. 

Status: ongoing