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hello there!

I’m Wan, a curious, creative, and enthusiastic human being who enjoys bringing ideas to life. I’m a Multidisciplinary Visual Artist from Argentina based in Germany.

My work on illustration is hugely influenced by my love for ordinary, everyday life moments, emotions and situations. I’m fascinated with depicting the magic of mundane activities that fill our days, re-signifying what matters and make every little thing the main character of our stories. My style is immersed in cheerful colours and diverse textures, combining both traditional and digital techniques to craft original, meaningful pieces that tell stories, create realities and make a difference in our communities.

I have a background in Classical Art and Photography & Video, plus more than a decade (oh my!) of creating content online, which has served me to acquire various skills that I use in the several projects I lead, related to art and creativity.

Cool people I've Worked With

-Pure Inc.
-Filgo Argentina
-Creative Mornings Germany
-Heilandt Kaffeerosterei
-Einbrandt Kaffeerosterei