About Wan

I'm Wan, a twenty-something who enjoys drawing, writing and drinking coffee. I work as an illustrator, organize and teach creativity workshops and create audiovisual content for entrepreneurs and international clients.

I work with creatives.
I help businesses that need a creative turn to communicate their brand by crafting original, fun, happy pieces with a touch of personality.

Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset
Processed with VSCO with ke1 preset

Things I do


I enjoy telling stories and portraying messages by drawing them, be it on Photoshop or with pen and paper.


I have a Bachelor's Degree in Photography and many years working on Editorial & Fashion. So I guess I can do a thing or two with the camera 🙂


Crafting a whole identity through colors, typography, shapes and graphics is something I will never get tired of.


Most of the ideas cannot be taken to the next level without an overview and a good creative plan. I can create strategies and implement an overall perspective for any project I work on.


Being around people and sharing what I've learned throughout the years of working on creative business has to be one of the most rewarding experiences.

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Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset
moving abroad

Things I love


Drawing is not only my job, but my passion. I always have a sketchbook with me to draw everything i see.

Drinking Coffe

Big coffee lover here! My favourite hobby is to explore coffee places in the city I am and enjoy the best Specialty Coffee I can get.

Reading Books

Ever since I was 4 years old and started with the newspaper I haven't stopped reading. I am not really into material stuff, but books...oh books.

Riding my Bike

Europe has revived my love for riding bikes and being outdoors. Beautifully necessary.

Dogs & Plants

A big fan of cats, yet dogs will forever have my heart! And plants, of course, what is life without some nature around your home!

Craft Beer

No more explanation needed.

Some notable brands whom I've worked with

Viajar Juntas, GetPure Inc., Local, Bildenlex Abogados, Heilandt Kaffeemanufaktur

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