You are here to Explore

You’re here to explore. Somehow you made it throughout the years, but later or earlier someone had to tell you the reason you’ve come to this world.

That is without a doubt your only task.

Explore. Explore what is there, explore the places where you move around, explore the people you have around. Explore yourself; find out who you are by taking chances and opportunities that will put you in situations where you decide who you are and what you do.

Discover what you like. Go to that party, get the ticket to that place you don’t know anything about, be spontaneous and kiss that person. Lose the fear of talking to strangers, because they can be the help you need during your exploring adventure.

Take your time. Do it slowly, or quickly or alternate between those two, after all everyone explores to their own pace. This is your mission and there’s only one real tangible deadline.

Be flexible. As an explorer, where you are now or what you have right now could be temporary or permanent, according to what adventure you decide to go on next.

Take notes. Write words, take pictures or tell us your stories. We want to know how the world looks like for you: what you see, what you feel, what you taste, what you’ve learned.

And that can be only seen through your eyes.

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