How Social Media affects your creativity?

social media creativity

The following text is part of a monthly publication covering topics such as life and creativity. February’s topic was “My real self and my internet self”.
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The good 

Platforms like Instagram, Pinterest (& Tumblr, if you were a cool cat back in 2009) have inspired me to expand my vision of art. These websites and others focused on showcasing work in a more professional way, like Behance or Dribble, are a great source of inspiration and reference not only when creating art but also when working on designs for clients, getting to know more creatives and having an idea of the current trends in the design space.
There is also a great advantage in using groups either from Facebook, Meetup and/or other networks to find feedback, advice or simply networking with colleagues from different disciplines.

The not so good

The constant need to create quickly in order to share and see the impact on our networks hinders and, for my taste, takes away the magic from the creative process. Instead of concentrating and taking time to create quality pieces, we become a kind of creative McDonalds, where the only idea is to share as much art as possible to see a gain in user approval. 
This rapid consumption of images/works makes you lose the idea of the time, effort and intention that it really takes to create, believing that the results will come from one day to the next. 
Networking is good, but do you know what is good too? Networking face to face! In Argentina, I used to go to events and meet people, and I started to implement it here too. 

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