April Favorites

I think the last time I drew my favorites was back in 2017 (?). I don’t know, it’s been a while! And being so focused on creativity on the blog in the past couple of months I think I want to give it a rest for the time being and take you guys on the journey of drawing my favorites of the month of April.

  1. Toilet Paper. God, that does sound weird right? haha! It has been an odyssey to find toilet paper in my city at the beginning of April. We went to 7 different supermarkets and stores and ending up finally taking a 20 roll package home.
  2. Focaccia. I’ve made focaccia so many times being in quarantine. I’ve used this recipe and you can see me making one on my week with wan youtube video.
  3. Plants. Seeing my old plant babies growing and buying new plants has been beautiful and taking care of them is such an act of peace and mindfulness that wouldn’t change for anything.
  4. Watercolors. I’ve been dreaming about painting with watercolors for weeks if not months and it was April the perfect time. I’ve painted so much in the past month! It’s relaxing, I kinda have watercolor painting sessions every week and it just makes me feel so connected with my art in terms that no other technique has. I’ve taken some Skillshare classes on watercolors to loosen up and they worked wonders. (Here you can get two months free on skillshare to join them!)
  5. Postcards. Most of the things I’ve painted were postcards. As I was in Brighton, I picked up some watercolor postcard pads from Cass Art and loved them! It’s the perfect paper to experiment and the perfect size to not drive yourself crazy. I love the “whole paint a postcard, write it, buy stamps and send it” kind of routine.
  6. Reading. This past month I’ve read 4 books: finished Jia Tolentino’s Trick Mirror, read Notes on a Nervous Planet by Matt Haig, read Lanny by Max Porter, and started Super und dir by Kathrin Weßling.
  7. Crafting. I took time off from everything and made some cute pennants for my terrace, painted coloring pages (you can download my coloring page here) and did some journaling, which is a craft in itself.
  8. Coffee walkies. During the quarantine, we are able to go out and try to do so every day or every other day, and mostly on Wednesdays we go to our favorites cafés and buy take away, part to support the local business, part because we need good coffee in our lives.
  9. The Artist’s Way. I’ve been enjoying this book a lot! My morning pages create a new routine for me and it goes like “waking up at 7.30, lighting a candle, make some tea and write”. Yes, it’s a bittersweet feeling because you never know if it’s gonna be an easy kind of writing or not, but it’s amazing to know that you can fill 3 entire pages with shit you don’t need in your head.
  10. Beach trips. This one I didn’t picture however, I recently discovered there’s a beach 10 minutes away from my place and been enjoying the walks there every now and then. You can see what I’m talking about in my week with wan video.

And that’s it! If you’re subscribed to my online letters, these things might not be so new for you! Anyways, what are your favorites of the month? I’m not sure if this is something I’m going to be doing every month, do you guys enjoy this kind of posts? Let me know in the comments down below!

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