Privacy Policy

or in other words What do we do with your personal information?!

When you purchase a good from the shop, certain information is required

-First/last name
-Email address
-Mailing and billing addresses
-IP address
-Financial information

How do you use my information?
Your information will be used to register and track your purchase. Release the payment for the goods purchased. Deliver your order to the address provided.
When you visit the store, automatically your IP address is received to get to know more about the web browser and OS you’re using.
You will also receive news and product updates to your email address if you agree to.

What about consent…?
When you purchase any goods from the shop and provide the above-mentioned information, we already understand you agree to the privacy policy.
In case the information is only asked for less important reasons, like marketing, we asked directly for your consent and give you the chance to deny it.
In case you no longer want us to keep your information, you can always let us know by email at

Is my data safe with you?
All your personal data will be protected and stored and will only be released under the following circumstances:
-If the law requires it.
-If you violate our Terms & Conditions.

About WooCommerce
This lovely store runs on WooCommerce, a platform that enables us to sell you our products and services. Your data will be saved by the platform and stored in a secure server behind a firewall.
All the financial information you provide is only used once you purchase a good or service. Once the transaction has been done, the provided information will be deleted.
(This aligns to the requirements of PCI-DSS )

Other Third Party Services
We use services provided by third parties, the ones that will only use your data when necessary.
Some of them have different privacy policies, so in case of being redirected by any link on this site, we do not take responsibility for the way your data is used on other sites, therefore we recommend you to read their own privacy policies 🙂

Old enough?
While purchasing any good or service of this site, you agree that you are at least 18 years old or you are 18 years old or more and given the consent of use to a minor.

Ch Ch Ch Changes
We reserve the right to modify this policy whenever it’s necessary, so we recommend to check it often! Anyways, any change will also be notified.

Any questions?
If you have any questions concerning this policy or your personal data provided, please make sure to drop a line at and we will happily get back to you 🙂

January 1st 2020.