The Graphic Novel

Back in 2017, sitting at a coffee shop in Buenos Aires with my sketchbook in hand, I started what would then become an autobiographical graphic novel about my story of growing up as an only child in a non-stereotypical, catholic family, in the suburbs of a poor city in the outskirts of Buenos Aires. The sudden disappearance of an absent father that influenced my relationships with people, especially with boys and men. A coming of age story from the moment I was born til the time I felt free for the first time in my life.

The novel is conformed of 11 fully illustrated, black and white chapters, completely drawn on paper. While the project is still being worked on, the idea is to finish it by Q2 2023 and publish it. 

At the moment the novel is being worked in Spanish yet the aim is, once published, translating it to English.

As an artist who had never worked on a long-term project (not to say a graphic novel), my journey has been more intuitive and creative than logical and has been changing according to the chapter I would work on.

-I created a storyboard for each chapter using small cards and would re-arrange them as needed for the story. 

– I would then proceed to write a script to keep all the ideas on paper and have an easier time when sitting down at my desk to draw.

-All the originals are placed in an old fashion folder in transparent sleeves for me to see the story progress in a more traditional editorial way. I know, it’s a bit too much yet it helps me see if the story works from a drawing and a narrative point of view.

-To date, I’m still working on the novel.

Some videos where I show the process of drawing some pages