Create with your hands

What am I doing? (and who am I doing it for?)

It's easy to get caught up in daily worries about little things in life. If we look closer it becomes clear that we can't even influence the outcome of a look of things we worry so much about.

Last January, I posted this Instagram photo with a caption in which I said how overwhelmed I was going through my stats on my social media: one new follower, 100 likes, 200 followers less…


I decided distance was what I needed, and took a break to repurpuse: what am I doing and who am i doing it for?

But once again, I had fallen down the rabbit hole, the one that makes you believe real validation comes from the numbers: likes, followers or sales. Drawing at the time became torture, posting pictures an obligation and everything I could share should be interesting enough in order to engage people and grow an audience.

This is not me saying “Oh, that’s not important“, because cultivating an audience is indeed important for anyone who decides to start their own business online, BUT risking your mental health and losing your sense of purpose (why did I start with this on the first place?)

The time offline helped me reconnect with my creativity, with my why:

I create because it makes me happy

I share it because it’s the whole idea of people relating to the stories I tell through my drawings and my words the part I care the most.

I create because I feel that’s what I need to do.

I create because I feel it is my Personal Legend.

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