Other Projects

this is the section where you will find other creative projects that I do for fun.

A podcast: Un Quilombo Creativo

Un quilombo creativo (a creative mess) is a podcast about living a life filled with creativity. The show not only discussed topics such as ideas, the creative process and working as a creative, but also things that happen to us as humans: traveling, living abroad, working freelance…The main idea behind the show is to invite the audience to rethink their approach to creativity in everyday life. 

There are some episodes in English, some in Spanish and some in German, as it depends on the guest!

Status: ongoing

A club: El club del descanso

El club del descanso (the resting club) is the project that I’ve created in order to set some time aside to really rest. The urge of finding time for ourselves and do nothing led me to start weekly “resting sessions”, in which every sunday a few strangers get together online just to give us some space to disconnect from everything to reconnect with our pleasure. 

Status: ongoing

A newsletter: The Online Letters

The Online letters are monthly mails in which I share thoughts that’d been going through my mind,  talk about the things I’ve been enjoying and give some tips on creativity and life.

The letters started in may 2019 and ever since, I keep writing them. They are available in English & Spanish.

Status: ongoing