Love & Credits

All the content on this website (text, illustrations, photos, etc.) has been created by me, Wanda Raitelli -a.k.a Wan Raitelli- with much love. I use a Creative Commons CC (by-nc-nd) license to make it able for everyone to share, however not to commercialize. My work here is free but not cheap

Share everything that you’ve learn in this website, tell your friends, send it to your parents or teachers, bookmark it for yourself,  as long as you do it with due credit (adding the name “Wan Raitelli” and a link to the blog), and as long as it is not for commercial purposes. Please do not modify the images to include them in your own publications (adding logos, overlay text, or similar).

Thank you note

A massive thank you to my mom, who always encouraged me to pursuit a creative path in life if that’s what would make me happy and gave me the tools to develop all the projects. She and my family have always believed in me. 

To my partner in crime, Johannes, for being there for me and hear me talk non-stop about all the ideas I have. He’s the first to see all my shitty drafts, the one who provides the first perspective on things and the one who reminds me often to take things slow and enjoy each part of the process.

To those teachers in my life who told me I wasn’t good enough to stand out in a creative career; to those bosses and professors who told me I was too smart to pursuit a creative career and should study something “real”. Thanks, for encouraging me to create my own “real”.

My dogs, who I miss each and every single day, for staying up with me at night while I was working on my projects and to my friends, the ones who are close and the ones who are away, for hearing each and every ted talk I gave them and telling me how much I inspired them. You are awesome.

To anyone that has ever believed in me and has trusted me with a cool project, anyone that has bought a sticker, a print, or even took the time to read any of the things I wrote and has stayed tuned throughout the (many) changes I’ve been through.

Thank you, you are insanely cool.