coffee shop illustration

"Ilustrando Café" is my passion project.

Born from my love for coffee and draw, Ilustrando Café (Illustrated coffee) is a series of portraits from different coffee shops: what I drink, what I see, what is happening.

coffee shop illustration
ilustrando cafe

"Coffee shops would
be my oasis"

It started with the idea of simply having time for myself, doing something fun and creative that was not related to my traditional job. So I decided that coffee shops would be my oasis in the middle of a busy real-adult-life

Through documenting my Coffee Journey on Instagram, I could connect with people that enjoyed what I was doing and actively participated recommending places they liked or coffee shop owners who'd invite me over for a coffee to draw.

As people were more and more into it, I decided it was time to meet “IRL” (in real life)* and worked together with the guys from LOCAL, a coffee shop and art space in Palermo, Buenos Aires, to create what would be “Ilustrando Café Vol. I” a free get together of people who just wanted to drink coffee and draw.

Some cafes I illustrated