Do it for yourself

Last week, during one of my coffee breaks, decided that I wanted to draw something out of my recurrent landscapes and interior scenes. Been drawing small comic strips (or kinda) lately, trying to get out of my comfort zone and telling stories in more than just one drawing.

So I thought about something that was happening in my life: my levels of self-confidence have been bouncing ever since I got to Germany, and the past few weeks something was happening. I wasn’t feeling pretty. Sounds familiar?

comic girl

I could blame it on several external situations, but to be honest the first person I need to blame is myself. I was not taking care of my own mind and body; my levels of stress were up in the sky, my negative thoughts were in a constant loop and the idea of just doing nothing because “I am afraid to fail” a really poor excuse to actually commit to not doing anything.

What should you do when you feel like shit?

I don’t really know. I am still figuring it out (hello, like everything) but I found a few things that maybe could help and put it on this little and minimal story.

Sometimes I think the simple and smallest things are the ones that could help us the most to feel better with ourselves. And probably the ones that require less effort: take a shower, touch yourself, put some makeup on and wear that dress you like. Probably sounds cliché, yet ask yourself: when was the last time you did it for yourself?

I think that is the real question to keep in mind.

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